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T-Mobile Censors Medical Cannabis Texts!

Posted by: skip

Cellphone carrier, T-Mobile has been sued by a medical cannabis website for censoring texts their site was sending to those who requested information about dispensaries near them.  It's actually a cool service because with a cellphone you can easily find the nearest cannabis dispensaries.  In several states medical cannabis is legal, and so such a service would also be legal.

It seems to be an issue of "net neutrality" and free speech wherein a communications carrier such as T-Mobile makes its own moral judgments on the content it carries, and censors that which doesn't meet its own moral standards.  There is nothing wrong with the content being transmitted as that in itself is legal.  So the question remains how can such censorship be justified?

Meanwhile the website, Weed Maps, is losing business as a result of the censorship.

Read More here:

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New Features Coming

Posted by: skip

New Feature! Our New Strain Guide is up and running! Please check it out and add your own strain report! Growers and Tokers can both contribute to this new feature!

Our Cannabis Calendar is now up and running. You can post up all sorts of events and search for events near you!

We now feature Overgrow's famous Strain Guide and their Marijauna Growing Tutorial! Check it out!

Check out our Grow Journal system. You can keep track of multiple grows, search grows by various criteria and drag images and place videos right into your entries.

Our new E-Store is here! You can purchase marijuana related E-books, music, videos and more online. Our Marijuana Store let's you purchase thousands of cannabis related items.

We have many new features in the works for the MJ Guide. We will also be publishing a newsletter that our members can customize to their liking.

For vendors we're creating a whole B2B (business to business) section where you can promote your business to other businesses as well as our members. We are going to build the largest cannabis business network on the planet!

There's lots more coming, so come back often and see what's new on the MJ Guide!

Product Review
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Posted By: skip

Aerogarden Free TrialThe AeroGarden is a wonderful device that automates your growing and results in an ongoing supply of produce. The AeroGarden comes with everything you need to start a small herb garden including seeds and fertilizer.

The small version of the AeroGarden® has the footprint of a breadbox and is sized to fit conveniently under most cabinets. The AeroGarden® measures 16" long by 10 1/2" wide by 15 1/2" high when it is first set up with the lights at the lowest possible setting, and 21" high at the highest level. So keep that in mind. There is a larger version of this that has more wattage and a higher light level.

The front panel has lights that indicate when it's time to add water and fertilizer. It's fool proof!

This is a great introduction to aeroponics for the beginner to learn how it works.

See an actual Aerogarden Marijuana grow!

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